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About ManMark

At ManMark we specialise in providing professional advice via senior independent professionals both in the domain of Marketing and General Management.

The world is rapidly evolving with increasing competition, a constantly changing market place & most importantly more demanding customers & consumers.

ManMark will advice you on how to face those challenges & turn them into opportunities.

ManMark also offers short term interim management, where we will step in if your organisation requires temporary resourcing of senior level Marketing or General Management vacancies.

How can we help you?

The essence of any company, brand or organisation is growth. Standing still will make you go backwards in a rapidly evolving business environment.

‘Strategy drives everything’, but a strategy needs to be implementable and that’s where we will walk the extra mile.

First, ‘One size fits all’ does not exist despite the many models & ‘best practices’ promising exactly this. We offer a tailor made approach where we start with an intake conversation with our client to understand your company, your organisation or your brand’s needs.

Secondly, we agree on the expected outcome of our work, be it a strategic plan, an in depth deep dive of your business etc..

During this process we will, in close cooperation with you and your teams, support you on:

  • deep diving into your business
  • helping you identifying the problem/opportunities
  • developing the strategy and a plan of implementation
  • Selling More & Increasing Profits

Finally, if required, we can step in as an interim manager for short term assignments.

how manmark can help

Meet the Team

Jean-Jacques Velkeniers (Founder)

Jean-Jacques Velkeniers holds a Master in Law from the Catholic University of Leuven & a Master in Marketing Management from the Vlerick Business school in Ghent. He started his career as a Marketing intern at Philips, but he soon fell in love with the beautiful world of beer. Building his professional career at AB-Inbev where he held several commercial roles both on a national and international level over the last 20 years.

After returning from the UK as Marketing Director, he became Vice President Marketing for Europe where he centralized media buying and planning on a European level.

In his last role he was Business Unit President for Western Europe where he developed among other things the Non alcoholic and low alcohol beer category with brands like Jupiler 00 & Leffe 00 in the BeNeLux & Franziskaner NA in Germany.

He received in 2019 the title of ‘Master Marketeer’ from the B.A.M. (Belgian Association of Marketing).

His former colleagues describe him in the following way:

"He is a General Manager with solid background in Marketing, Sales, Trade Marketing & Category Management."
"Strategic Operator with very strong People skills & good P&L knowledge."
"Strong brand building background in FMCG. Working on both local, international & global brands. International experience."
"JJ is an exceptional business professional. He has the experience to lead business turnaround & growth, lead brand strategy & lead people; this is a unique balance of skills"
Stuart MacFarlane - Former President & CEO ABInBev, Europe & Middle East

Jean-Jacques Velkeniers

Peter Ooms (Independent Advisor)

Peter Ooms holds a Master in Commercial Engineer and a Master in Business Administration from the Free University of Brussels. He started his career as a marketeer and held several Marketing roles at Smiths Food Group, Campina Melkunie, Pepsi Cola International and Interbrew.

The last 15 years, he got specialized in Pricing, Trade Terms and Revenue Management. He held the position as Director of Pricing & Revenue Management Western Europe for AB InBev and Pricing Director for Goodyear-Dunlop Tires EMEA.

Peter has a strong track record of initiating and leading the execution of pricing improvement projects, on pricing strategy, price setting, pricing execution and trade terms optimization. In 2011, Peter has won the AB InBev Global Best Practice Award with the program "Promotional Efficiency".

Peter Ooms

Philippe Vandeuren (Independent Advisor)

Philippe Vandeuren holds a Master in Law degree from the Catholic University of Leuven. He started his career as a certified Benelux and European Trademark and Design Attorney for the Novagraaf group.

In 2001 Philippe joined the legal department at AB InBev (then Interbrew) with the mission to help set up the Intellectual Property team and audit and protect the global brand portfolio. He became Legal Director in 2004 and gradually expanded his role adding Global Innovation, Procurement and Export and Licensing support to his responsibilities.

In 2013 he moved from the Global organization to a Business Unit as Legal and Corporate Affairs Director, a more operational role. In that capacity he also led a cross country team in Benelux, France, Italy, Spain and Germany working on general legal matters, external communications, stakeholder management and corporate social responsibility.

Philippe has a strong track record in supporting commercial contract negotiations and innovation processes. He can assist in the protection of intellectual property portfolio’s (trademarks, designs, etc.). He has experience with structuring and reorganizing legal teams. He has led several multifunctional crisis teams and is a seasoned expert in external communication, PR, lobbying and corporate social responsibility.

Philippe Vandeuren

Who are our customers?

Seen our broad field of experience we offer our services to SME’s, Multinationals & start ups across multiple industries.

Fields of expertise?

marketing management

Marketing Management

The p’s from the Marketing Mix have no secrets for us. From brand positioning to brand- & marketing plans. From Mediaplans to an experiential (sponsoring) approach so we can develop your brand(s) to the fullest & this in a B2C & B2B environment.

general management

General Management

If you are leading a business you might need a sparring partner that has run a P&L in a large or small organisation. General Management is the pivotal point where everything comes together. We can help you with developing your strategy, organisational blueprint or deep dive into your P&L to look for opportunities, improvements etc.

creative brainstormings

Creative brainstormings

Need the creativity flowing again, contact us and we’ll make sure you leave that day fully energized & full of great ideas/opportunities.

corporate affairs

Corporate Affairs

In the era of social networks & fake news, a company or brand’s reputation is a critical asset that needs to be build and protected. We have the skill set to support you on this matter.

organisational management

Organisational change management

The business environment is changing fast and disruption is becoming more the norm than the exception. In order to cope with this change, it’s quintessential to create the correct organisational blueprint. Through an in depth workshop with you and your team we will craft together the organisation to make your business future proof.

pricing management

Pricing and Revenue Management

Our pricing specialist will do an in depth assessment of your current pricing, trade terms and promo approach and can design for your business a roadmap of changes which are needed to build your company's pricing power and optimize your revenue.

intellectual property

Intellectual Property Management

With intangible assets making out an increasingly higher percentage of your company value, it is more important than ever to protect your brand and innovation portfolio well. We can help you to register, protect and enforce your intellectual property rights so you can face your competitors in the market and maximise the value of your company.

commercial legal advice

Commercial Legal Advice

We have extensive experience with complex contract negotiations and can help you to get the maximum out of your contract dealings in the field of sales, procurement, sponsoring and M&A.

Sounding Board Sessions - 121 CEO

Sounding Board Sessions (121 CEO)

Every CEO or Senior Leader needs a sounding board to discuss issues he’s facing, ideas he has or just someone to play catch ball with on specific strategic, operational or even personal topics. During the Sounding Board Sessions we offer exactly that. We have a face to face meeting in an informal setting where we can discuss any of these topics.



At ManMark we provide mentorship to (young) professionals & start ups. During the mentorship sessions we provide guidance, support your growth trajectory & will help you tackle hurdles that will cross your path & this based on years of business experience & leading large teams.

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